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  • Name: Afghan
  • Crop Weight: 425 / 500 grams
  • Height: Small
  • Flower: Short 45 - 55 days
  • Climate: Warm
  • Regular/Feminized: Regular
  • Growing Area: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical: Yes
  • Strain: Indica
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Afghan is a very strong indica strain, which got its name from its geographic origin. When smoked it and it has a sweet yet earth aroma., followed by a sweet, earthy, and pungent taste. Afghan is that fire from the mountains of the middle east known for its potency and abundant THC crystals. Its long wait period is well worth the harvest! Its no wonder so many patients an growers get this until they are out of stock.

Afghan seeds are one the most popular buds for someone to grow. When you buy afghan seeds you are interested in getting the largest yield in weight from a harvest. This cannabis seed can bring that too you. Many strains like this one tend to bring in a large yield due to the genetics. Over the years afghan has become better and better. Bringing you the newest of generations with the best properties.

Most patients choose Afghan when looking to treat insomnia, pain and stress disorders. This seed is a must have for most. You can't turn away from fat cluster nugs of sticky goodness. But this prize comes to those that have a green thumb. This strain needs precise care so we would say this is for the skilled grower.

This is one of the oldest seeds in the weed world and also a big hit with medical patients! The bright buds when cured properly, have a relaxing smooth hit that won't choke you up. Its very dank with a tropical undertone.

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THC Level: 6/10 - good
Sleepiness: 6/10 - normal effects.
Pain Relief: 6/10 - average effect.
Nausea: 5/10 - average effect on your nausea.
Anxiety: 5/10 - good for anxiety
Appetite: 8/10 - makes you hungry.

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