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Big Bud is one of those fluffy types of bud, half an ounce looks like a whole ounce. Buy all of the big bud seeds you want from these reliable Amsterdam suppliers. It grows with an intense abundance of colored hairs sprouting from its tips. It's no wonder big bud seeds have been so popular among growers. Those with this strain can expect large yields and large nugs. It is also an 80% indica breed so those under its spell will feel its pain-numbing effects. Many medical patients use strains like this for medical issues such as pain, arthritis and even head pains such as stress and headaches. Other effects of this seed include feeling happy or relaxed and hungry. The lovely smells you receive from big bud seeds are that of a earth like spice with a hint of skunk.

This strain does well indoor and out so growers should have no issues there. We all have a choice to buy Big Bud seeds or not it's up to all of us to make the best buying choices. Big Bud claims that it alleviates their symptoms effectively. Feel free to start buying these weed seeds. Get big bud pot seeds delivered right to your front door.

Your Big Bud seeds for sale are packaged in such a way that is considered stealth, with the seeds being hidden in your package ensuring it arrives at you safely.

THC Level: 9/10 - Good.
Sleepiness: 9/10 - Good.
Pain Relief: 9/10 - Good.
Nausea: 1/10 - Bad.
Anxiety: 1/10 - Low.
Appetite: 10/10 - very hungry.
  • : Big Bud
  • : 600 / 700 grams
  • : Medium
  • : 55 - 65 days
  • : Sunny
  • : Regular
  • : Indoor and Outdoor
  • : No
  • : Hybride

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Poe 5 2018-10-30 04:02:09
Great if you are looking for big fluffy buds. I ordered these and got huge results. Thanks you guys for great weed seeds.
Rodney S 5 2018-10-19 00:15:57
Really happy with these seeds and how they turned out. I am getting huge yields each crop and the thc level is great.

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