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  • Name: Hindu Kush
  • Crop Weight: 500 / 600 grams
  • Height: Medium
  • Flower: 55 - 65 days
  • Climate: Dry
  • Regular/Feminized: Regular
  • Growing Area: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical: No
  • Strain: Hybride
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Hindu Kush is part of very popular marijuana strain called kush. One very strong kush strain is from the Hindu Kush seeds which can be purchased on the marijuana seed bank website by clicking through to pricing. Here are the other kush strains: banana, blackberry, blueberry, bubba, pineapple, purple, rainbow.

Hindu Kush Seeds have certain features in relation; they are a thicker more dense bud with a more repugnant smell. Don't be surprised with these effects. Its well known for them. This type of cannabis is best smoked in a bowl. Only in a bowl or water piece will you be able to get best taste. Hindu Kush comes with a strong head high that lasts for hours. Looking to relax and munch out on some food? This is your strain. Try this and many more straight from Amsterdam seed banks.

Receive a nice package with your hindu kush seeds hidden to make sure you get to you're door. Right from the seeds depot. Marijuana seeds are an easy buy from online seed banks. All of the pot seeds you buy here are discretely worldwide shipped. What more could you ask for!

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THC Level: 7/10 - good
Sleepiness: 6/10 - normal effects.
Pain Relief: 7/10 - average effect.
Nausea: 4/10 - not good.
Anxiety: 4/10 - not good for anxiety
Appetite: 8/10 - makes you hungry.

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