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Agent Orange

This strain from is perfect for beginners and experienced users. For the perfect energetic, uplifting, and motivating feeling, opt for Agent Orange seed online from Choose a Pack of 5, 10, Or 20 Seeds when you decide to purchase Agent Orange Seeds.

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Agent Orange Feminized Seeds
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Agent Orange Effects

THC Potency6/10
Pain Relief6/10

    Agent Orange Specifications

  • Seed : Agent Orange
  • Harvest Yield : 450 / 490 grams
  • Size : Small
  • Flower Cycle : Short 45 - 55 days
  • Environment: Warm
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Regular
  • Cultivation : Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Hybrid
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Agent Orange Seeds Full Description

Agent Orange seeds come highly respected by community. According to data, it ranks these seeds at the top. Agent Orange seeds sold on are a well-balanced hybrid that delivers energy and happiness.

Agent Orange Taste & Smell

Fill the air with the sweet and crisp smell that comes off the Agent Orange. Going with a classic is nice because you know you are getting something great. That musky aroma will enter the air the second it's lit. The smell or taste of a seed is usually 3rd or 4th on everyone's list of important qualities.

Uses For Agent Orange Seeds

There are many uses for agent orange seeds that range in the medical field. Different effects and relief will be rewarded to those who target these cannabis seeds. Another important use is based on anxiety and can be relieved quickly in most cases. There is also the basic use of feeling good and having fun which is delivered by this strain.

Buy Agent Orange Feminized Seeds

Place your order here for some amazing agent orange seeds that are sure to impress. Every carefully inspected seed has been hand picked so that premium agent orange seeds for sale are all that you receive. Today's the day you do something for yourself and take advantage of this opportunity given when you buy seeds.

What Are Agent Orange Seeds

Orange Velvet and Jack The Ripper were crossed in order to make these seeds. It is mainly a Sativa strain but carries a hybrid punch. It has that rich pungent smell and crisp taste. This strain has won many awards and named by High Times magazine as Cannabis Of The Year. Seeds like this one only happen once in a lifetime and become virally famous.

Growing Agent Orange Weed Seeds

Growing weed seeds will change your life forever, you have no idea. After the first batch is cured it will be one of the most surreal moments you've ever experienced. Growing agent orange seeds starts with the basics and ends with advanced tricks. All are covered in the guides that come with your purchase

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Agent Orange Reviews

Donnie A. 5
We all want to get the highest quality feminized seeds each time we buy them, but sometimes you get the exact opposite. This was NOT the case here though I assure you! They arrived pretty quickly and went right into the ground. I have to tell you all the results were out of this world and we are so happy to be able to grow Agent Orange seeds now.
Freddy F. 5
This was my first time trying to grow marijuana seeds so I picked Agent Orange. It has been a crazy experience to see these things bud and come to life. I recommend everyone buy a few agent orange seeds and try it for yourself!
Donna P. 5
Change your mood up completely with these seeds! I've always needed a pick-me-up to help get through some days which is why I chose Agent Orange. It really has that pop I need in the mornings to get the day started. I have always preferred to grow my own seeds and this strain made it all possible. Thanks again.
Gorge 5
Great buy here when getting feminized agent orange seeds they were so good and with free shipping, I was happy it got here quickly.
Jared 5
Ordered myself some agent orange pot seeds! Buying these are a must!
Donny 5
Everyone needs to pick up these seeds I swear the results will blow your minds. I grew 20 and they all are so beautiful, sticky wet buds ready to be dried out.
Kathy 5
Picked up some agent orange marijuana seeds and all 10 worked! Couldn't believe it, most sites don't ship perfect seeds so A+ work.
Fred Durst 5
Can't go wrong with this one. Love the results, thank you guys very much.

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