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Want a list of all the most popular marijuana seeds for the year 2019? We have them check out the full list and then head over to buy some. Every year marijuana seeds compete to see who makes the list. Get your hands on that top shelf genetics. Not only are these bred to be the most potent. They also have certain unpleasant effects bred out such as paranoia or couch lock. To buy these seeds just click on them and order them on the store. Fast shipping on the best marijuana seeds of 2019 is also included. Scroll below to start browsing for yourself.

All of the best marijuana seeds 2019 have to be over 22% THC. You can also trust that our lab test is not paid to come back high. We want 100% authentic cannabis seeds of 2019. They also have to win at least one cannabis cup. The fast rate that marijuana seeds are spreading is making it easier to find and identify the top strains. Visit the store for 2019 best marijuana seeds. Now you can brag to your grow buddies about your beautiful new pot seeds. Don't forget to tell them where you got them from if you're feeling generous.

#1. Gorilla Glue

#2. Girl Scout Cookies

#3. Blue Dream

#4. Gelato

#5. Super Skunk

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Ace 5
Great product and a perfect list, saw all the new bombers on there.