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Black Widow

PC : BW-Black01

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Black Widow is a famous strain of cannabis that has won several awards since 1944. The Black Widow weed is originated using the Brazilian Sativa and the South Indian Indica-dominant hybrid. It is considered as the only "true" White Widow available in seed form. The effects from smoking Black Widow are largely euphoric, happy, creative and uplifted being relaxed. Black widow is a widely popular strain of Sativa marijuana. Black Widow has a powerful long lasting high with relaxing and euphoric effects. It has an earthy smooth taste and will not make you overly hungry like most others. The high, long-term effects of this strain are something you can look forward to along with anxiety and pain killing abilities!

Be sure to add Black widow to your cart, you won't regret it. Be careful you don't end up in a coma after being bitten by this black widow marijuana. As the industry keeps breeding stronger and stronger cannabis strains the public continues to choose new favorites.

Potency: 8/10
Sleepiness: 1/10
Pain Relief: 4/10
Nausea: 4/10
Anxiety: 4/10
Appetite: 9/10
  • : Black Widow
  • : 450 / 630 grams
  • : Small
  • Flower Cycle : 51 - 61 days
  • : Sunny
  • : Feminized
  • : Indoor
  • : No
  • Strain: : Indica
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Black Widow Reviews

Michelle 4.7
Yayyy! Got my black widow seeds today and already planted them! I can't wait to tell you how well they come out!