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TheSeedsDepot.com has listings available for buying bubblegum seeds and we continue to stay current with supplier information. It becomes stimulating and energizing initially due to its Sativa dominant nature with high THC value, but more relaxing later on. It carries profound benefits and trophies since its birth in the 1970s in Indiana and later on bought in the UK and the Netherlands for more produce.

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Bubble Gum Effects

THC Potency8/10
Pain Relief8/10

    Bubble Gum Specifications

  • Seed : Bubble Gum
  • Harvest Yield : 455 grams
  • Size : Very Tall
  • Flower Cycle : 55 - 65 days
  • Environment: Warm
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : No
  • Strain : Indica
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Bubble Gum Seeds Full Description

It is strongly recommended by most health care personnel for several reasons. Anxiety has finally met its match; it helps to regulate chronic stress, slows down the feelings of anxiety, and calm the mind as it is a powerful relaxant. The cannabis gum is a fantastic stress reliever and works perfectly well per the frequency of use: it can give you a headache as well as it can equally manage your headache pain if you are a seasoned user.

Bubblegum marijuana seeds for sale are known to be more of a medicinal strain instead of its recreational. Not only has this strain inherit a good name, but it also has features (sweet, earthy, and berry) that worth it. Most patients and individuals would rather go for another strain if the taste of marijuana bubblegum strain is removed and left with only the indica dominant part of this plant.

Feel free to get your awesome hybrid Cannabis seeds with maximum yield guarantee for outdoor/indoor growth. The seeds work best with Mediterranean climate as an ideal growth environment: for indoor growers,

I'd like to recommend a full spectrum grow light accessories to monitor and control the grow room temperature as the plants enjoy a blossom appearance. With sticky trichomes, Bubblegum flowers exhibit a variety of colors from green to pink, purple, red, orange, etc.

Everything you would need to know when buying a marijuana seed is entitled to our best of knowledge. There are a variety of dispensaries you can get your seeds and we are your favorite as we deliver on time, swift and responsive, complete, and perfect hybrid seeds with amazing yields. Bubblegum seeds for sale at your best convenience and a preferred giveaway price are our very best offers for you and many in this very season.

Bubble Gum Reviews

Nick 5
Got them sent quickly but over fried some with my lamps. Will be setting up another grow op to try again. Anyone else having better luck?
Michael 5
It definitely lives up to it's name, tastes just like bubblegum! Get these pot seeds before they get sold out!

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