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Cannatonic marijuana seeds, bred by Resin Seeds, this strain has a low THC content and high CBD content which makes it suitable for medical patients. Finding a strain of marijuana with a balance of CBD can be challenging. Today most strains are bred purely for high THC with 0% trace of CBD. Medical patients usually use them for treating body pains or eating disorders. It has an intriguing and distinctive smell, the buds from Cannatonic marijuana seeds when fully grown are excellent for joint pain, menstrual pain, and severe headaches. The sweet, citrusy flavor is another reason why the Cannatonic seed is so popular. This strain displays frosty THC all over the leaves and buds looking as if it rolled around in the snow. You will all see neon green hairs reaching away from the frothy buds.

Who wouldn't want this fantastic feminized cannabis seed sprouting beautiful buds of medicinal marijuana? For all of the real fans of Cannatonic seeds, if you buy more at once, you can get a deal on them! Even better you can also expect free discreet shipping. It took me a long time to write this description because I've been in a coma ever since smoking this stuff. Don't let the pain of growing marijuana seeds stress you out when there is such a easily solution.

Get the step by step grow guide and other great growing products like the nutrients needed for a top level yield.

Potency: 6/10
Sleepiness: 4/10
Pain Relief: 6/10
Nausea: 5/10
Anxiety: 5/10
Appetite: 8/10
  • : Cannatonic
  • : 415 / 515 grams
  • : High plant
  • Flower Cycle : 52- 62 days
  • : Hot
  • : Feminized
  • : Both
  • : Yes
  • Strain: : Hybrid
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Cythia 5
I have received my seeds today. they came on time. I'm really looking forward to seeing how these plants turn out

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