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Dutch Treat marijuana seeds are all yours for a sweet deal. Get cheap feminized dutch treat seeds today by heading over to the prices button and giving it a click. Be amazed as the more you spend the more you save long term. If you have ever been to Amsterdam you will feel like your in one of their coffee shops. As Dutch Treat cannabis seeds when fully budded are the centerfold to some of them. Sweet tropical flavors with a hint or Northern American pine will fill your nose. After taking a few pulls off of this strain smokers will feel like a weight has been lifted. Sparks of creativity start to fly with some that smoke the end product. Feeling happy and sociable is another part of the head high the smokers might feel. Great for numbing pain for hours even all day depending on user tolerance. Also good at pushing stress to the side so you can kick your feet up and get comfortable. Be some of the first to get Dutch Treat marijuana seeds from the best seed banks in Amsterdam.

THC Level: 7/10 - Normal.
Sleepiness: 3/10 - Awake.
Pain Relief: 7/10 - Not The Best For Pain.
Nausea: 4/10 - Bad for nausea.
Anxiety: 3/10 - Low.
Appetite: 9/10 - Hungry.
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