Feminized cannabis strain seeds

Feminized Seeds For Sale

See all of the latest feminized cannabis seeds available online. Feminized seeds are genetically made to produce potent marijuana. Feminized seeds are specifically picked female only strains so that you will 100% end up with flowering cannabis plants. When shopping for feminized strains, it can be expensive unless you shop in bulk. Unlike buying regular seed which may be female and male mixed, feminized will always be female. Growers have no time to waste when it comes to masculine and feminized seeds. Not having a male seed in your grow will give you seedless cannabis. It will also be much more potent and abundant THC.

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Feminized Description

It is normal for marijuana seeds to be feminized. That means they are the seeds which are reproduced by female marijuana plants and the male chromosomes are absent. Each flower of the plant would be female.

The marijuana plants are divided into a male and female category. Let us tell you another interesting fact regarding the gender of the marijuana plant. If the plant is grown to unsuitable conditions of the light cycle, physical damage, temperature fluctuation then it becomes intersexual. It is necessary for the grower to know the ideal environment to grow marijuana plants; otherwise, the results would be disappointing.

Growing feminized plants:
If you are purchasing the feminized seeds for harvesting, then you will get only feminized marijuana plants in your crop. However, keep in mind that feminized marijuana doesn't produce another batch of seeds for harvesting next crop.

Benefits of feminized marijuana:
If you grow standard marijuana seed, then you should expand the number of plants to double. So, when they mature, then you can remove the male plants to ensure the feminization. If you are growing only feminized seeds, then you do not have to do this. You will simply grow the required number of plants, and all of them will be female.

The feminized seeds will grow a healthy crop. It is very overwhelming to grow our own marijuana at home. However, in the beginning, you need to learn some basic tricks to identify the gender of a plant. Feminized marijuana seeds can save your money and time. If you are a beginner, then you should get the feminized ones from the market.

Do not take the risk to grow both male and female and eliminating the male plant later. Because if you mistakenly leave only one male pant then all of the efforts go useless and the crop gets ruined.