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G 13

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G13 is highly dominant with Indica, but its origins stem from Afghani. You may feel like you are getting conflicting details when it comes to G13 seeds. The reason is there are so many variations to consider. They are all lumped under one umbrella, but you can be very selective about the aroma, the taste, and the benefits that you would like to have. Such details should influence the types of pot seeds you decide to plant. This particular strain of cannabis was created in the 1970s at the University of Mississippi. The goal was to create a Super Indica, and they were successful. The research used much different genetics, and this is one reason for all of the G13 strains out there.

G13 cannabis seeds are reliable and fast growers that pack a hefty THC punch. These seeds are a great strain for relieving pain and are easy for newbies to grow. Some of the common forms of treatment are used to include chronic pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, and lupus. It can also be used to reduce stress and insomnia.

The THC from this is very high, so you don't need a large amount of it to get the level of pain relief or other benefits you seek. Start with a small amount and see how you feel with it. Since it won't make you feel like you can't focus, many people prefer it to other strains of medicinal cannabis out there. They want improved mood, and they want the pain to stop, but they don't want to feel out of control of their thought process. G13 seeds are good at dealing with anxiety without making you feel too tired to care on with daily tasks such as cleaning the house.

One of the other strains of the one here is G13 Diesel. One attribute many notices first is the potent smell this cannabis gives off that is a cross of a Haze and a Diesel. Many have experienced a lovely taste complimented by euphoric feelings. The scent is heavy diesel, but the taste is citrus. It is often used for relaxing and for increasing appetite.

Regardless of the option you consider, there is no doubt it offers a great value. It provides plenty of yield of THC from plants that are about 3 feet tall. It takes from 8 to 10 weeks for flowering, pending on the specific G13 seeds you are working with. This can be a great choice if you want quality cannabis that also smells and tastes very good.

Potency: 7/10
Sleepiness: 10/10
Pain Relief: 9/10
Nausea: 8/10
Anxiety: 6/10
Appetite: 10/10
  • : G 13
  • : 550 / 600 grams
  • : Medium
  • Flower Cycle : 55 - 65 days
  • : Dry
  • : Regular
  • : Indoor and Outdoor
  • : No
  • Strain: : Hybrid
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G 13 Reviews

Taylor 4.7
I am extremely happy with this seed. Is an amazing indica, the yield was great, but what made me live this is the high thc. The effects were awesome and Ill definitely be buying this again.

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