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Gelato seeds are known as the king of THC. The parents of this strain come from sunset sherbet and GSC. This marijuana seed called gelato will make you very relaxed and happy. Both parents of gelato seeds are hybrid strains and it tastes very sweet like citrus. Buy some of these feminized Gelato marijuana seeds and get a discount plus free shipping with the order. Gelato is a perfectly balanced plant easy to grow. It is a great choice if you are someone who just needs to relax and chill out. Gelato is perhaps the most deliciously dank hybrid in the whole collection of RQS. It is available in three flavors. These are sweet, citrus, and earthy. Gelato cannabis seeds can make you feel relaxed. Gelato can relief your stress, pains, and depression. Buds of gelato tend to bloom in dark purple hues illuminated by a shiny white coat of crystal resin.

THC Level: 6/10 - Normal.
Sleepiness: 4/10 - Awake.
Pain Relief: 6/10 - Not The Best For Pain.
Nausea: 5/10 - Settles stomache pain.
Anxiety: 5/10 - Medium.
Appetite: 7/10 - Somewhat hungry.
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