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Ghost Train Haze

PC : GTH-Ghost01

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Ghost Train Haze is a marijuana seed with a hybrid mix made from two strains, Ghost OG and Nevil's Wreck. This personal decision is kind of why so many people find this to be a great product to grow. The plants from Ghost Train Haze seeds offer a generous amount of THC which are quite potent. Even though there is a demand for buying Ghost Train Haze seeds, they are hard to come by. You need to make sure when you do buy them that they are top of the line in terms of quality. So don't be afraid to go ahead and buy this one in bulk. Did we forget to mention you save money when you buy a bunch in one order? You can purchase feminized Ghost Train Haze pot seeds or regular ones. There are quite a few clones out there, and that is why the aroma ranges from sour to hazy. Any grower looking to get some exotic flavors out of their next crop will find this seed to do the trick.

When Ghost Train Haze seeds are fully grown. Consumers enjoy it because of the smooth smoke it produces. If the right nutrients are used for developing the plant. The buds won't allow any forms of residue to linger. In fact, it is considered to be one of the cleanest types of cannabis that a person can choose to use. The citrus taste can remain in the mouth for several minutes after inhaling. When introduced to the growers in the West Coast it was an immediate hit. The method used to get this rare line of genetics is referred to as vera matrix. This has resulted in seeds that offer some of the best flowers known in the world of cannabis plants. Make sure you don't put the Ghost Train Haze marijuana seeds too close together, ensure there is enough room for the larger leaves to span out.

Potency: 7/10
Sleepiness: 3/10
Pain Relief: 7/10
Nausea: 5/10
Anxiety: 4/10
Appetite: 9/10
  • : Ghost Train Haze
  • : 400 / 500 grams
  • : Small
  • Flower Cycle : 55 - 65 days
  • : Sunny
  • : Feminized
  • : Indoor and Outdoor
  • : Yes
  • Strain: : Sativa
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Ghost Train Haze Reviews

Effret 5
Just got them and love it. Going to be great in my garden. Many thanks to seeds depot.