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Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze seeds are one of the wildest strains in existence when referring to cannabis. Figuring out ghost train haze seeds can be tough, that's why are here to help with all kinds of feminized strains. wants you to try this strain because it will be one of the top cannabis seeds ever.

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Ghost Train Haze Feminized Seeds
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Ghost Train Haze Effects

THC Potency7/10
Pain Relief7/10
  • Seed : Ghost Train Haze
  • Harvest Yield : 400 / 500 grams
  • Size : Small
  • Flower Cycle : 55 - 65 days
  • Environment: Sunny
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Sativa
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Ghost Train Haze Seeds Full Description

The ghost train haze is a haze seed discovered awhile ago and has been breeding ever since. The best ghost train haze seeds come from the hard work at, who promise to connect you with a hit strain every time. Ghost Train is a wonderful choice and is picked by many according to data.

What Is Ghost Train Haze

Take two strains like, Ghost OG and Neville's Wreck, then blend them together and you will for sure get Ghost Train Haze. Even though this is Sativa dominant you can expect Kush like buds and flavor. Typically grown outside, Ghost Train Haze is the new go-to strain for popular grows.

Ghost Train Haze Seeds For Sale

You heard about Ghost Train Haze seeds and wanted to buy some for yourself, right? This can be a huge step for someone who's never grown the Ghost Train Haze seeds for sale. Feminized Cannabis seeds are not hard to grow at all, that's the truth. The hardest part is just making the choice to buy some.

Growing Ghost Train haze Cannabis Seeds

Ghost Train Haze benefits greatly from the sea of green SOG method and should be considered on this grow. Spacing the lower part of this plant will result in higher canopy activity. Make sure the buds are pruned properly or you will be missing out on a great aspect of this strain.

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Ghost Train Haze Reviews

Bruce E. 5
Me and all my friends legally grow in Boston Mass and we pick this strain every time we buy. I will keep buying this type of seed until the day I die. Thank you, cannabis seeds depot.
Linda A. 5
I happen to get these ghost train haze seeds as a birthday present from my grandma. She knows I grow and when I saw these seeds arrive I wasn't sure if she got me crap or not. Let's just say it was not crap and I'm enjoying some right now!
Effret 5
Just got them and love it. Going to be great in my garden. Many thanks to seeds depot.

Ghost Train Haze Videos

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