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Golden Goat

PC : GG-Golden01

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Golden Goat cannabis seeds were initially discovered by accident when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Mr. Dank's freak Island Sweet Skunk mother. This strain is incredibly potent, tasty and as pinkish / light green coloration. This strain is nice for a Sunny day to chill out with friends. Ready to harvest buds in 11 weeks, the golden appearance is where Golden Goat cannabis seeds get the name from.

Tired of buying golden goat from dispensaries when you are allowed to grow your own? Grab some of these easy to plant seeds and grow the best marijuana straight from your own green thumb. The best way to grow your golden goat is by taking the seed and germinating it with some wet paper towels.

It is now the perfect time in history to start growing marijuana. This can save you tons of money when trying to live a life with the help of a little weed. Golden Goat seeds

Potency: 6/10
Sleepiness: 2/10
Pain Relief: 6/10
Nausea: 5/10
Anxiety: 5/10
Appetite: 8/10
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Golden Goat Reviews

Brady Fan 4.7
I love the look of this strain, it has exceeded my expectations by far and is true to its golden name.

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