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Green Crack

PC : GC-Green01

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Green Crack seeds are an amazing and awesome strain to grow. Get your green crack seeds here on this site first, and we send your seeds through discreet packaging then shipped off to you. Don't forget when you purchase bulk you get the hookup price! This seed is also viral because it has very little maintenance that is required, the average height is tall, along with an average yield. This strain grows well in spaces with 50% humidity. Green Crack seeds are also on the rise due to its sweet yet earthy flavor along with some citrus flavors as well.

All in all this seed is a great buy. These Green Crack seeds are the most exceptional quality you can purchase on the internet. Another reason medical patients look for this potent Sativa is for its ability to keep you focused and awake. Those with ADHD find this a suitable substitute for prescription drugs such as Adderall. That is probably a reason for its name. So don't let the name scare you. This strain is way safer than it might sound. Another effect of this cannabis seed after grown and smoked is a huge appetite. Cancer patients that need help with eating will be ready to eat and hold down some food after a few puffs of Green Crack.

Potency: 8/10
Sleepiness: 4/10
Pain Relief: 8/10
Nausea: 2/10
Anxiety: 1/10
Appetite: 10/10
  • : Green Crack
  • : 430 / 570 grams
  • : High plant
  • Flower Cycle : Long 65 - 75 days
  • : Warm
  • : Feminized
  • : Outdoor
  • : Yes
  • Strain: : Hybrid
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Green Crack Reviews

Flash 5
I been cracked out from these seeds all week, haha. But seriously, green crack is where its at for sure. These are the best pot seeds so far.
Adam Pepper 5
These seeds turned out to be the best ones out of all the ones i ordered. I have finished my crop and can tell you these are worth buying.

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