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Kosher Kush

PC : KK-Kosher01

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Kosher Kush pot seeds come in a feminized pack created to give you a more comfortable growing experience. Buying these Kosher Kush seeds play a vital role in always being able to have your freedom of own medicine. This strain will surprise you with the levels of high THC found in each bud and well known for being grown in the excellent outdoors. We have tried for many years to help growers find the best marijuana seeds. One way to ensure your plants feels comfort is by playing some music when growing. Consider savings lots of your hard earned money by having unlimited access to all of your medicine. Don't hesitate to endure life changes for the good. Growing instead of buying creates a comfortable life so much easier for patients in need. Like many other Kosher Kush strains, you will find the buds to be very fluffy, unlike others strains that are dense and look small. If you plan to smoke your final product, plump buds are better for filling up your paper or wrap.

Potency: 9/10
Sleepiness: 9/10
Pain Relief: 9/10
Nausea: 2/10
Anxiety: 1/10
Appetite: 10/10
  • : Kosher Kush
  • : 303 / 404 grams
  • : Small
  • Flower Cycle : 50 - 72 days
  • : Sunny
  • : Feminized
  • : In & Out
  • : Yes
  • Strain: : Indica
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Kosher Kush Reviews

Alexander 5
I just started growing for the first time so I went with the trusted kosher kush. Thanks to some forum searching I was able to find out about this cannabis seed and that's what made me buy.
Ellen 5
Most people don't know how good this strain is. I have had amazing success with these seeds thanks you seeds depot.