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If you live on the west coast then thinks you know what Lavender marijuana seeds are. The lavender cannabis seeds from has a amazing spell and wonderful high. Get feminized Lavender seeds at the one place online you can trust for source and information,

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Lavender Effects

THC Potency7/10
Pain Relief7/10
  • Seed : Lavender
  • Harvest Yield : 421 / 511 grams
  • Size : Tall
  • Flower Cycle : Short 42 - 51 days
  • Environment: Hot
  • THC Amount: Low
  • Genetics : Regular
  • Cultivation : Any Temp
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Hybrid
  • CBD Level : Low

Lavender Seeds Full Description

Due to the presence of a high percentage of Indica, it is considered an important strain for treating nausea, stress, and chronic pains. This plant is very much helpful in reducing pains such as headaches or menstrual cramps in a couple of hours. Smokers have reported feeling a relief from anxiety, and even helped those who suffer from insomnia. Anyone who wants to feel relax and enjoy a good sleep, they should try lavender marijuana at least once. Smoking or vaping this strain will leave you with a strong case of the munchies, so having snacks on standby is a must. This marijuana strain helps stimulate our senses and is a blend of Afghani Hawaiian Haz X Korean Big Skunk X Super Skunk, and its flavor is similar to Afghani hash.!

Probably when we hear or read the word, "Lavender", the first thing that comes to our mind is a purple color plant with a sweet smell. Have you ever experienced the fragrance of lavender? If not, we think that everyone should have experienced it. The plant was considered a holy herb in ancient times. But recent studies show that it is more than just an herb or plant and has many health benefits. It is a favorite amongst the experienced smokers, and is highly sought after!

You can grow your lavender seeds in your garden, fields, or even in pots, and its growth is not only simple and easy but also rewarding, with large dense buds. The plant grows well in a dry climate, it needs full sun and sandy or well-drained soil. The plant does not like humidity or moisture. The spring season is considered the best time to cultivate this plant because it is the time when the soil is warming up. Growing this plant is not only profitable, but it also does not require much care. Its flowering time is between 60 to 70 days. It contains 25% of THC, and the level of CBD is about 3 to 10%.

These seeds are not only used for growing plants but these seeds also contain nutrients that are important for developing antibodies in the body and strengthen our immune system. Eating marijuana seeds have also become a new trend because they can enhance the functions of the brain and can defend us against mental disorders. This strain is great for seasoned smokers because it is very potent. Which can be too heavy for inexperienced smokers and should be taken lightly. There are plenty of strains on our site for the novice smokers out there!

Lavender Reviews

Katie 5
These are some of the most relaxing seeds when grown. I have been on a mellow trip ever since smoking the first crop from these awesome lavender seeds.

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