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Need a marijuana strain that delivers a strong and powerful high? Then LSD should be your best option. Known for its musky smell, LSD is a cross of the Mazar and the Skunk strain. By fusing these two strains, LSD was originally created in Netherland to give an intense high. It is made up of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. LSD also contains up to 24% THC, this implies that this weed seed has the capability to uplift your body and put you in a good mood. The strain has also proven to spark creativity and brighten your feelings. This marijuana seed for sale can be grown outdoors and indoors, when grown indoors, its flowing time is between 60 to 65 days. When grown outdoor, its harvest time is usually in the first half of October.

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Lsd Effects

THC Potency5/10
Pain Relief5/10
  • Seed : LSD
  • Harvest Yield : 433 / 533 grams
  • Size : High plant
  • Flower Cycle : 51 - 61 days
  • Environment: Warm
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Hybrid
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Lsd Seeds Full Description

Although LSD produces a strong effect, growing this cannabis seed is quite easy. The plant has a natural resistance to pests and parasites. It grows quite short and requires less maintenance. The strain grows thick buds that have a soft green color with bright orange hairs. It has a citrus flavor and some even say it tastes like sour candy. These bud's are heavily crystallized, and if that doesn't get you interested, the long lasting positive effects surely will!

LSD may be effective in managing some disorders that include chronic stress and pain. When used in managing chronic stress, this marijuana seed helps to clear the mind and cause you to relax. Research has also proven that it is also an effective pain killer. Those who have smoked this strain before have reported feeling uplifted, happy, and extremely relaxed. Even the long time smokers with high tolerance will be hit hard by this marijuana seed. If you're feeling lazy and need work done, than smoking this will give you the motivation and alertness you need to accomplish all of your daily tasks.

This happy strain is great for taking you out of your depressive episodes, if you are someone who suffers from that, or other mental disorders, than this is the strain for you. The only real negative effect for heavy smokers, is dry mouth which is common from most seeds. If you grind your bud be sure to use a kef catcher as this strain creates a lot of kef due to its high level of THC.

Finally, LSD is perfect for cannabis users who want to enjoy an intense high and a feeling of happiness. It delivers an invigorating mental high that leaves your mind soothed so that you can relax and get a heavy body sensation. However, it must be clearly stated that this cannabis seed may not be good for newbies smokers. This is due to its strong and heavy effect. New cannabis users are advised to opt for other strains that suit their body needs. This strain is very potent and may cause a strong overwhelming feeling. It may cause anxiety and mild paranoia.

Lsd Reviews

Joey T 5
I can't believe I got a legit strain I really wasn't sure the internet could provide the real thing but it sure did. Thanks TSD for the quality marijuana seed I was looking for!

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