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Mango Kush Effects

THC Potency6/10
Pain Relief6/10

    Mango Kush Specifications

  • Seed : Mango Kush
  • Harvest Yield : 416 / 507 grams
  • Size : High plant
  • Flower Cycle : 55 - 61 days
  • Environment: Warm
  • THC Amount: Medium
  • Genetics : Regular
  • Cultivation : Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Indica
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Mango Kush Seeds Full Description

Typical of indica-leaning strains, the plant barely hits five feet - in height. This makes it an ideal alternative for farmers with limited grow space. Besides, the seeds are mildew-resistant. Although most veteran farmers recommend indoor cultivation, Mango Kush Seeds do pretty well outdoors, too. Outdoor cultivation is ideal for farmers in sunny regions with minimal rain and a 70s-F-average temperature level.

Typically, the plant matures after between 9 to 11 weeks of flowering. During harvest, you may expect about 14 ounces each square meter. To increase yield and plant health, consider regular pruning. This exercise, when correctly done, keeps the plants in good shape, improves airflow in the garden, and, in turn, boosts yields. You may further optimize plant growth with marijuana fertilizer and plant protector for improved protection.

Its mango-like flavor satisfactorily explains the name - Mango Kush. The 65/53 indica-leaning strain comes with a unique kush aroma. Users report a note of pine, which lingers many minutes after their last puff. The 4/5-feet-average-height plant features remarkably dense buds adorned with orange pistils. The flowering spans 9 to 11 weeks, with impressive yields, whether in or outdoors. Its flavor and aroma are similar - smells and tastes like fresh mango juice, with notes of banana. With about 16 percent THC level, the mango Kush is an ideal recommendation for the inexperienced and low-tolerance stoner.

The strain brings in the desirable calm and relaxation after a long day. Indica-dominant, the herbs will most likely throw users into a euphoric state, characterized by unexplainable giggles and smiles. It soon leaves users couch-locked, trailed by a smooth drift into a long peaceful night rest. Besides relaxation, the strain improves sociability. You may find yourself being unusually friendly and fun around people. Apparently - as with most indica strains - the finely fragrant hybrid strain is your best option during those late-night discussions with family and friends.

If users' reviews are anything to go by, Mango Kush seems packed with a range of medicinal gains. It is a popular recommendation for medical marijuana users. Chiefly, the strain is ideal for chronic anomalies and symptoms, including sleeplessness, stress, depression, pain, anorexia, among others.

Mango Kush users report a handful of side effects - dry mouth, fatigue, appetite boost, and red eyes are common after-effects. Mango Kush is best for before-bedtime consumption, particularly among inexperienced smokers.

New or aspiring cannabis farmers seeking a cheap and easy-to-grow cannabis strain may consider buying some Mango Kush feminized seeds. The strain promises a good yield and within a relatively short period - both in and outdoors. Even more, its fruity aroma and taste leave stoners craving for just one more puff.

Mango Kush Reviews

Foster 4.3
I had come to leave a comment when I noticed the tropical smell of mangos coming from my grow room. I'm very pleased indeed with my purchase.

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