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Maui Wowie

At you'll find maui wowie seeds and whatever marijuana seed strain you're looking for, there are so many to choose from such as high THC or autoflowering, we have it all. Maui Wowie is a High THC Sativa strain that leaves you bursting with energy, you can find it here and many more at for an amazing price.

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Maui Wowie Effects

THC Potency7/10
Pain Relief7/10

    Maui Wowie Specifications

  • Seed : Maui Wowie
  • Harvest Yield : 441 / 541 grams
  • Size : Medium
  • Flower Cycle : 59 - 69 days
  • Environment: Warm
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Compatible
  • Medical Grade : Medical
  • Strain : Sativa
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Maui Wowie Seeds Full Description

If you've been lacking the motivation and energy to get yourself through the day than a Sativa strain might me what you need, we have many to choose from at

This strain isn't only popular because of its taste and smell but it is also hugely popular among growers because of its high resistance to pests as well as diseases, which makes it very easy to cultivate. If you plan on growing your seeds outdoors you are going to want to make sure that it is in a warm sunny tropical climate, one that resembles the environment it is from which is that of Maui. You are going to want to grow in volcanic soil, and you are going to harvest in mid-October. When growing outdoors you can expect a yield of about 16 ounces per plant.

However, when it comes to growing your Maui Wowie seeds indoor you are going to be able to harvest in about 9 weeks and you can expect a yield of about 14 ounces. This seed is going to be overall pretty easy to grow. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors it should be noted that you are going to have some tall plants when you grow your seeds.

There are a lot of medical conditions in which this sativa is great. Some of those medical conditions include stress, depression, headaches, pain as well as fatigue. You can expect an uplifting high when you smoke this tropical strain. Many have describes this strain to be a very strong motivating strain. This will make you stay focused as well as creative and you will be filled with inspiration as well. Most have described the effects to be that of a burst of energy that is instantly noticeable, this energy will leave you smiling and ready to go about your day uplifted and happy.

The THC content in this strain is going to be about 20 percent. If you are a fan of tropical smells as well as tastes and are in the market for a great sativa, then these marijuana seeds are going to be a great choice for you.

Maui Wowie Reviews

Hank 5
Growing 20 of these right now and wowie is all i can say because of the sticky buds. I get free pot now that my seeds have grown.

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