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Maui Wowie

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The Maui Wowie cannabis strain is one known far and wide. We have every type of feminized pot seed including Maui Wowie and many others. Don't be intimidated to start growing because this will save you more money in the long run. Especially if you purchase your Maui Wowie cannabis seeds in large orders. Everything from the marijuana seeds to the bud will seem to be even more amazing. Try our Hawaiian Maui Wowie seeds here at Seeds Depot for the best cannabis seeds available online. The buds of Maui Wowie cannabis will look juicy with THC and have a light green color. The buds can also be very sticky, so growers tend to wear gloves when handling it in large quantities.

Maui Wowie seeds deliver to your door in no time, so click on the price button to purchase. Get these pot strains and more shipped right to your door! Don't shop for less quality pot seeds; buy them directly here. For those that like to be discreet, you can expect your package to be the same.

Potency: 7/10
Sleepiness: 3/10
Pain Relief: 7/10
Nausea: 4/10
Anxiety: 4/10
Appetite: 9/10
  • : Maui Wowie
  • : 441 / 541 grams
  • : Medium
  • Flower Cycle : 59 - 69 days
  • : Warm
  • : Feminized
  • : Compatible
  • : Medical
  • Strain: : Sativa
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Maui Wowie Reviews

Hank 5
Growing 20 of these right now and wowie is all i can say because of the sticky buds. I get free pot now that my seeds have grown.

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