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One of the favorite strains of cannabis comes from Pineapple Express Seeds. This is a hybrid with the parent plants being Trainwreck and Hawaiian. It offers a grand mixture of wonderful benefits for both the mind and the body. It has a lovely aroma that is very flowery and reminds you of that unique pineapple smell.

The taste is just as good as the smell! Some people will tell you they can taste mango or cedar. It depends on your taste buds and other factors. Only a handful of people experience a pine taste while most get the pineapple taste this strain is named after.

The buzz from these weed seeds is uplifting, providing the user with plenty of additional energy. It is also a good choice for chronic migraines. Yet you will also find it is worth it for the harvest you get when the plants are ready.

Be ready for a fast growing process with these weed seeds. It is best to avoid using this strain of cannabis too close to bedtime. Doing so can prevent your mind from being able to slow down and prevent you from getting a great night of sleep.

THC Level: 9/10 - Above Average.
Sleepiness: 9/10 - Very sleepy.
Pain Relief: 9/10 - Good for pain.
Nausea: 1/10 - Bad for nausea.
Anxiety: 1/10 - Low.
Appetite: 10/10 - Very hungry.
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Lucy 5
Best place to buy pineapple express seeds. Great experience, seeds were as advertised.

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