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Buy pineapple kush seeds and they will get delivered to your door. Pineapple Kush seeds have one the best flavorful tastes and can make a big difference in the THC level. It is a great strain for settling down for the evening. Smoking this strain before dinner or any meal for that matter will be the best thing you did. Pineapple kush gives the smoker a strong urge of the munchies making any food you stuff in your mouth more amazing.

Medical patients will smoke strains like this pineapple kush to gain an appetite so if your one of those people this is the seed for you. You can try this seed and many more here at seeds depot. Get only the best cannabis seeds available from Amsterdam seed banks. Stop messing with shady websites and start dealing with the big guys.

This pot is for relaxing and enjoying yourself at the end of the day. Try cannabis seeds for sale on our website just check the prices.

THC Level: 8/10 - Above Average.
Sleepiness: 3/10 - Awake.
Pain Relief: 8/10 - Good for pain.
Nausea: 3/10 - Bad for nausea.
Anxiety: 2/10 - Low.
Appetite: 10/10 - Very hungry.
  • : Pineapple Kush
  • : 430 / 490 grams
  • : Small
  • : 55 - 60 days
  • : Sunny
  • : Feminized
  • : In and Out
  • : Yes
  • Strain: : Hybrid
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Willard 5
Who got that kusk? We got that kush, haha! Just here to say thanks for these great seeds, much love.
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