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Purple Haze

Finding purple haze seeds for sale is easier than ever, because, TheSeedsDepot.com has you covered! Check out this comprehensive list gathered from TheSeedsDepot.com for connecting you to purple haze seeds. We work hard to get you the top premium feminized seeds so you can sit back and shop.

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Purple Haze Feminized Seeds
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Purple Haze Effects

THC Potency6/10
Pain Relief6/10

    Purple Haze Specifications

  • Seed : Purple Haze
  • Harvest Yield : 492 / 532 grams
  • Size : Very Tall
  • Flower Cycle : 51 - 61 days
  • Environment: Warm
  • THC Amount: Medium
  • Genetics : Regular
  • Cultivation : Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : No
  • Strain : Sativa
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Purple Haze Seeds Full Description

Here is that classic Purple Haze seed that everyone talks about, thanks to a team of researches at TheSeedsDepot.com. It is never too late to start a purple haze seed just check out the suppliers TheSeedsDepot.com has offered here. We thank you for taking the time to shop here as we continue to deliver top quality suppliers.

Growing Purple Haze Seeds

These seeds are considered easy to grow due to the fact that they are highly resilient, so if you are a new grower than these Purple Haze seeds for sale are a great choice for you. Also, it should be known that these will take about eight to nine weeks to flower, and you are going to want to prune and top your plant, this is going to keep your plant having a bushy shape while also making sure to support the colas when they are developing.

Best Climate For Purple Haze Seeds

You should keep in mind that these seeds do not always produce purple buds. However, you can lower the temperature that you keep your grow room or if you grow them outdoors then you can coerce the purple in the bud. Lastly, you should feed your plants moderately when you are in the flowering period but also up the phosphorus this will result in you maximizing your yield.

Results Of Purple Haze Seed Experience

If you are in the market for an easy to grow the seed that also has about a 20 percent THC content, then these Purple Haze seed for sale are going to be a great option for you. You can fall into a trance when this strain takes full effect. The experience of this seed is like laying in the dead sea, weightless and floating by.

CBD & THC Levels

Picking up feminized seeds because of the THC or CBD levels is a popular practice but not always the right answer for some growers. There are many factors to consider like yield that could end up being more important to you than having a few higher % THC.

Experiencing Feminized Strains

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Purple Haze Reviews

Tammy K. 5
I love purple haze, always have. The grows I do are usually 90% that. These are really nice seeds to buy.
Charlie 5
Never too late to get some purple haze seeds and start growing some crazy good pot! That's how I got my amazing crop going.