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Sour Og

Sour OG seeds comes to live with a little water and transform into healthy plants ready to flower. Coming straight out of grow book is Sour OG seeds. Scoop up some cheap prices on Sour OG seed with these feminized packs listed below on

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Sour Og Feminized Seeds
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Sour Og Effects

THC Potency10/10
Pain Relief10/10

    Sour Og Specifications

Sour Og Seeds Full Description

Sour OG seeds are a special concoction of blended marijuana strains which resulted in one of the premiere popular seeds ever discovered today. is ready to connect you with the suppliers of this strain's seed.

Growing Sour OG Cannabis Seeds

If you grow the Sour OG in the right way with a very small amount of CBD measuring about 0.2%, the level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that will be present will be about 20%. When the HTMC (High Times Medical Cannabis) Cup Competition was held, this strain we are talking about came out as the 1st position in the Category of Michigan hybrid. This Cup was held in the year 2011.

Sour OG Taste And Smell

Choosing Sour OG will prove to be a nice decision you have made as it will lift your mood, making you feel good and peaceful. After taking it, you can still be aware of what is going on around you and do things all by yourself. It will not take control of your body. It is quick in making a person get high and intense, but after some hours, it vanishes and you will still be relaxed.

What Are Sour OG Seeds

Sour OG seeds are the wonderous blend of two highly popular marijuana seeds, never seen before. People who use Sour OG for medicinal purposes are mainly after the calming or soothing effects that it offers. This strain is being used by people with stress, depression, and anxiety, and they benefit from the high feeling that it gives to them. Some other people that have used it medically said that you just need a hit to be relieved of anxiety and pain. Some people like it when it makes them crave for food. This is helpful for those that are not finding it easy to eat as the Sour OG will make them seriously hungry.

Experiencing Sour OG Seeds

For the people who use Sour OG for recreational purposes, they see it diversely. Some of them say that it acts very quickly and makes them have awesome dreamlike feelings. They also said that the Sour OG is good for the head as it makes them talk too much and to be in a happy mood.

Sour OG Seeds For Sale

If you want to start growing this strain, we have Sour OG seeds for sale. One of the advantages of Sour OG seeds is that it can be grown both outdoors and indoors, and it takes up to 8 weeks to start flowering. You can contact us for your feminized Sour OG seeds, clones, and marijuana seeds as well.

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Sour Og Reviews

Jackie A. 5
You guys always deliver the goods and I appreciate it. This gets 5 stars for being a really good place to find marijuana seeds in Boston, MA.
Todd 5
The smell of Sour OG, when it flowers, is just amazing everyone. Do not second guess this strain just go ahead and order the seeds you won't be disappointed.