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Tahoe Og

You found the Tahoe OG seeds for sale, made possible by TheSeedsDepot.com in order to help those in need. Try these beautiful Tahoe OG seeds by choosing one of the vetted seed supply banks listed on TheSeedsDepot.com.

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Tahoe Og Feminized Seeds
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Tahoe Og Effects

THC Potency9/10
Pain Relief9/10

    Tahoe Og Specifications

  • Seed : Tahoe OG
  • Harvest Yield : 510 / 640 grams
  • Size : Medium
  • Flower Cycle : 57 - 64 days
  • Environment: Dry
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Hybrid
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Tahoe Og Seeds Full Description

The wonderful world of weed seeds has fallen in front of your feet. With many states legalizing and more on the way now could be the right to for you to own some seed.

Tahoe OG THC Levels

It bears complimentary THC levels of 18-20%, with a powerhouse of 90/10 Indica/Sativa split. So you won't be disappointed in growing nor smoking this strain of weed. Tahoe OG seeds have an earnest yield of 510-640 grams of weed. With an eager growth of 57-64 days. Less than three months of anticipation and you'll be plucking nugs of marijuana like the Grinch plucking bulbs off a Christmas tree! Don't worry if this is your first time growing and you are not sure where to plant it. Tahoe OG grows strongly indoors or outdoors.

What Are Tahoe OG Seeds

Now that you have dove this far into Tahoe OG. Let us roll up a little bit more about this California bred marijuana. As you know, it boasts a heavy Indica in its shimmering package. So you can expect sedation from existence. Letting stresses, depression, and even your girlfriends PMS to be put to rest while Tahoe OG seeds load you up in the rear seat while it takes you for a relaxing ride.

The Feeling Of Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG seeds keep the wheels going as its citrusy lemon taste, dipped in a fuel of woody and spicy scents, trails out the rolled down the window of your marijuana paradise. Your body will be sent to dreams that only the crafty nature weed can take you. While driving you through acres of pleasantries, uniquely presented by Tahoe OG. Weed has never felt so captivating.

Experiencing Tahoe OG Seeds

Don't let another night of buzzing thoughts, aching pains, or the hormones of your girl keep you up from enjoying restful sleep. Let your body find itself among the green path of marijuana high that only Tahoe OG seeds for sale can give you.

Be sure to bring some snacks because this weed seed trip is not without its munchies. Pack up your favorite snacks and drinks and sink into the soft belly of a Tahoe OG high. You'll be transported to a great night's sleep or find yourself sunk into the aromas of a delightful euphoric spin. As you take full tilt into a relaxing moment while watching or listening to your favorite sounds.

This strain of weed will boost your mood quicker than you would ever expect. It'll silence whatever is begrudging you and hold you in a smile. Take up that itch to try something new or become a repeat seeds buyer. Either way, you're getting a great strain of weed ready to be planted and waiting to be inhaled.

Hold your breath no longer and open up those lungs and ready some soil. For you're at the right place of purchase. The Seed Depot is the place to snag you up some gratifying seeds of Tahoe OG. We carry only the finest of weeds with the utmost care. Diligently waiting to send you the weed of your choice with confidence.

Ways To Use Weed Seeds

Tahoe OG Climate

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Tahoe Og Reviews

Olga D. 5
Much appreciated for helping me grab this tahoe og seeds in Los Angeles and Boston. My friend and I love these seed and we never have a issue with germination or feminization.
Bill D. 5
Great job on the customer service you guys are great. Will be visiting Boston, MA again for more Tahoe seeds.
Chuck J. 5
I'm a first-time grower and I was very pleased with the quality of the marijuana seeds I ordered from this site. The strains I got were all very robust and easy to grow, and the yields were great. The buds were also very high quality, with a nice aroma and a good percentage of THC. Overall, I was extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend this site to anyone looking for good-quality seeds at a reasonable price.
MyNameIsJeff 5
This seed has been one of the frothiest looking once the THC has popped up. Really pleased with my purchase and will be back for more shortly for those that are undecided.

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