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Time to load up on Zkittlez seeds for sale and prep yourself for one fantastic summer. One of the newest marijuana strains found on TheSeedsDepot.com is the feminized seeds listed right here. TheSeedsDepot.com is finally providing reliable suppliers so you can find amazing weed seeds for sale.

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Zkittlez Feminized Seeds
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Zkittlez Effects

THC Potency6/10
Pain Relief6/10

    Zkittlez Specifications

  • Seed : Zkittlez
  • Harvest Yield : 660 / 750 grams
  • Size : Tall
  • Flower Cycle : 57 - 58 days
  • Environment: Dry
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : No
  • Strain : Hybrid
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Zkittlez Seeds Full Description

Zkittlez seeds from TheSeedsDepot.com is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has sweet and fruity flavors. This cannabis seed from TheSeedsDepot.com offers a mental high that takes you on a colorful ride. Order this cannabis seed from TheSeedsDepot.com and get free marijuana seeds.

Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Finding the greatest Zkittlez cannabis seeds for sale, will brighten up your days for a long time. Once you start to grow some Zkittlez seeds you will be very grateful of your purchase. Ordering is simple and will arrive quickly. Their policies allow for you to recover any weed seeds that did not perform as expected. This is great for first time buyers who want that reassurance.

Taste & Smell

Get ready for a wildly outrageous pop of flavor with these seeds. Like a bag of sweet candy, the taste from Zkittlez marijuana seeds will make your mouth water. It's a bit if sweet and sour with the smell to match. Smoking it will result in a very sweet tangy smell throughout the room. Don't forget the power house punch you get from the THC mixed in with all of this.

What Are Zkittlez Seeds

The parents Grape Ape and Grapefruit are what gave birth to this new masterpiece. Skittles a.k.a. Zkittlez seeds are an Indica dominant strain with all the flavor and smell you could imagine comes with the name. This name has blown up so huge in California, it's wild. You will even find people using it as their screen names online, that's just how popular it really is now.

Fresh Zkittlez Seeds

If you refrigerate your Zkittlez seeds they can last over 10 years and remain fresh. Seeds that are not kept well or refrigerated will only last about 6 months max. Always store your feminized marijuana seeds in a cool and dry location.

Growing Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds

If you have wanted to start growing Zkittlez but were worried you would mess it up, don't be. These suppliers will hook you up with the perfect guide so you will not fail even on your first try. Growing cannabis seeds is finally within grasp and easily obtainable if you have the motivation.


Get ready for the craziest THC levels when you get these marijuana seeds. Although low in CBD, it more than makes up for it in THC. Get absolutely blasted away by these incredible seedlings. It is totally ok to like a strain that is high THC but still allows you to function throughout your day.

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Zkittlez Reviews

Arti M. 5
I used to purchase from another site but now the quality is not good. I friend of mine recommended Seeds Spot. I was a bit skeptical at the start but still, I placed the order. 3 days later package is in front of my door and the quality is amazing. It’s even better than the previous website I used to buy. Thanks.
Freddie F. 5
Just germinated my Zkittlez seeds and am excited to see the yield I will get soon. Price and delivery were really important to me because I did not want to lose them in the mail. I am so thankful and can't wait to post my results here.
Frank M. 5
I have been looking for feminized seeds for this strain as long as 5 years. It's wonderful to have finally found Zkittlez. My plants are doing great and I am thrilled, thank you guys.
Peter S. 5
This strain of Zkittlez will forever be my favorite one. Once I ordered some of these Zkittlez seeds, I knew right away that I made the right choice. Having experienced them in the past I knew I needed to grow these seeds as soon as possible.
Zillon 5
People love this strain more than any others I've ever had. They got it right this time with a perfect blend. I give you guys 5 star customer service.