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Cotton Candy Kush

When someone says sweet dreams to you at noon, how do you feel after taking Cotton Candy Kush seeds? Do you see yourself actually having a sweet dream each time someone says sweet dream to you? There is only one thing that can make you have sweet dreams all the time, and it's the Cotton Candy Kush seeds. Thanks to its sedative properties, this Indica-dominant hybrid help in making smokers fall asleep and remain asleep all through the night while filling the air with the sweet smell of cotton candy. Consumers who have sweet tooth will love this strain for its flavor, taste, and aroma. They don't need any more conviction other than this to believe. If for any reason, you are looking a Cotton Candy Kush for sale then rest assured that you have found the right place.

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Cotton Candy Kush Effects

THC Potency6/10
Pain Relief6/10

    Cotton Candy Kush Specifications

  • Seed : Cotton Candy Kush
  • Harvest Yield : 444 / 555 grams
  • Size : Small
  • Flower Cycle : 55 - 65 days
  • Environment: Sunny
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Both
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Indica
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Cotton Candy Kush Seeds Full Description

Cotton Candy Kush seed is typically prescribed in the medical community for those suffering from sleep disorders, such as insomnia, and the syndrome of restless legs. But at first, you'll feel an uplifting headrush that produces a feeling of euphoria and glee. You will feel more stress-free, happier, and free of anxiety within the first few minutes of the high.

The powerful indica side will overtake your entire body once the Sativa effects wear off and send you down a path where you feel deeply relaxed to the point where you would feel lazy and tired. Good luck in remaining awake after smoking for an hour or two. The content of THC in marijuana seeds of Cotton Candy Kush reaches up to 22 percent, while the percentage of CBD is around 1.

This feathery flower produces a beautiful looking bud that both in terms of fragrance and its powerful effects is tempting. This hybrid weed seed strain is a powerful tranquilizer that can make you feel comfortable more than any other, forgetting your weighty negative thoughts and enabling you to forget the pressures of the day and dive into happier thoughts.

It is a very high yielding plant with high THC content. It comes from a Lavender indica that has been properly crossed with Power Plant, creating a sweet smell and a well-balanced but very potent strain that is relaxing and beautifully uplifting at the same time. This sweet-smelling plant will give you a vibrant experience of smoking, making you feel like you are smoking a bowl of freshly picked blueberries. The fragrance of Cotton Candy will linger strongly in the air for a long time; its pungent floral note will seduce you and will make you desire it endlessly

The closer it gets to harvesting time; Cotton Candy Kush grows more crystals on its buds. This hybrid can grow quite tall so be sure to regularly trim this plant so, it won't get out of control. This strain, as long as you grow it in a dry and sunny growing climate, is very resistant to common molds and diseases.

Cotton Candy Kush tastes as sweet as the smell of it. This pungent flower stains your tongue with a very sweet floral flavor, which is particularly enjoyable on its exhale. This Kush makes you think of new berries blended with an earthy beauty. This strain provides one with a strong high body; soothing the worries of your mind which makes you feel like you're constantly unwinding and leaving behind your troubles. Cotton Candy Kush is basically about the sweet feelings that will cause you to float in the sky while remaining clear-minded

Cotton Candy Kush Reviews

Tommy 5
We got the best tasting marijuana after growing these medical seeds. Thanks to the great people at the seeds depot for providing amazing marijuana seeds.

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