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Check out which free seeds at are on special this week. has you covered when it comes to free weed seeds every time. The Seeds Depot ( made a promise to connect the best feminized cannabis seeds one can find.

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Free Seeds Full Description

View and its many free marijuana seeds we sell as intended for souvenir reasons or breeders of course. TheSeedsDepot guarantees free marijuana seeds with your sale are from well-reputed cannabis strains. We take pride in knowing our cannabis seed banks do their best to bring, happy customers. We add breeders to our crew from legalized states with no worries. You can also buy the legendary popular marijuana breeders who have established themselves with great followings online. We proudly present a wide collection of pot seeds as well.

If you are interested in buying regular cannabis seeds for sale which have turned into a little non-famous breed in current years because of the influx of interest in feminized seeds and auto-flowering. Although there is not the same exuberance towards these as there maybe once was, The Seeds Dept is always very positive to offer all regular cannabis strains that have made available to us as a well-reputed weed seeds bank.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are usually not considered normal seed options. The autoflower marijuana seed type was crossed to not depend on the change of light cycles. People would find it interesting if you show them an autoflower weed seed and tell them why having this is better than a common pot seed. You can buy autoflower free marijuana seeds of your favorite strain with your choice of different breeders. Autoflower seeds came into existence after crossing a strain with a CBD ruderalis type and they contain a higher proportion of CBD as compared to others.

Although marijuana seeds might cost a little more than pennies on the buck, they are absolutely worth of down payment, because of the massive & impressive amount of flower you'll have from just one plant. Still, we totally understand your hesitation and concern over start-up costs, which is why we always have some of our famous free marijuana seeds on sale. Keep visiting our website for our offerings, as they often change and you can fortunately see your favorite strain on sale at some point.

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Wilfred 5
I got my 10 for 10 free and it was great 20 seeds for the price of 10. Great deal, highly recommend 100%

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