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Grand Daddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a well-known strain that is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This strain is a hit due to its amazing look, as well as taste. If you are looking for an Indica strain with a nice amount of THC, then this is the strain for you. This marijuana seed has about 21 percent THC and as high as 23 percent which makes it great for a stress reliever as well as a great relaxant.

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Grand Daddy Purple Effects

THC Potency10/10
Pain Relief10/10

    Grand Daddy Purple Specifications

  • Seed : Grand Daddy Purple
  • Harvest Yield : 400 / 500 grams
  • Size : Very Tall
  • Flower Cycle : 55 - 65 days
  • Environment: Sunny
  • THC Amount: Low
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : No
  • Strain : Sativa
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds Full Description

When it comes to growing your Granddaddy Purple seed it is best grown indoors where you can control the humidity due to the fact that this seed grows best in about 50% humidity. You can expect a yield of about 17 ounces and it will flower in about nine weeks. The size of your plants is going to be compact and they are easy to grow as well. However, if you choose to grow your seeds for sale outdoors, your plants are going to grow into a dense bush that will also yield about 17 ounces per plant and you are going to want to harvest your plant in Mid-October.

This Granddaddy Purple seed got its name from its smell because this strain smells just like berries and of course grapes. When you are smoking this strain you are going to fill the room with an amazing sweet fruity smell of berries and grapes. Just like the smell of this strain, the taste is just the same, it is going to taste like grapes and berries. There is also a little bit of pine that is mixed with some citrus fruit taste as well. However, when it comes to the exhale it is very very grape-like, some even describe the exhale to taste just like a grape popsicle.

If you are looking for a cannabis seed to grow indoors that isn't very difficult to grow then this Granddaddy Purple is the right seed. This Indica is amazing and loved by so many. When it comes to the effects of this you can expect to feel super relaxed and destressed as well. If you have trouble sleeping, such as irregular sleep patterns, this is a great strain for you as well. This strain is going to help you relax both your mind and body so you can get yourself a great night's sleep.

This California native strain is a very popular choice which is great for numerous medical conditions. The amazing smell and taste are also a huge bonus to this amazing strain of Granddaddy Purple. If you are looking for a great Indica than this is the strain for you.

Grand Daddy Purple Reviews

Floyd Red 5
These guys are the kings of pot seeds. I got some GDP and OMG is it epic! Best place to buy marijuana seeds.
Karl K 5
Love these weed seeds so much! Best gift I've ever gotten and still going strong today.
Purp Lover 5
Thanks again, you saved me with my need for weed seeds. Grand daddy purple seeds came out better than I could of imagined. Thanks 100% satisfied.

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