High Thc Strains cannabis strain seeds

High Thc Strains Seeds For Sale

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High Thc Strains Description

The high THC marijuana seeds have an extremely drastic effect on the user's mind and health. Following are some things to look for in the most powerful marijuana strains:
A strong strain is formed by the breeding of sour dub, chemdawgs sis, and chocolate diesel genetic. The effect is very powerful. Another is the hybrid of US west coast bananas, THC and Kush connoisseur. It is kind of desert marijuana due to its sweet taste. It contains heavy indica, strong power, and unique flavor. High THC has a very smooth and beautiful smell. It is derived by the combination of Kush varieties which are grown in Hindu Kush Mountains. The pure indica effects offer an extremely sedative effect. TCH can take you to the dreamland of fragrances.

The Sativa dominant marijuana that kicks in instantly is Amnesia Haze. It features long-running colas, tropical citrus flower, spicy musk aromas. The plant may take up to 12 weeks to mature. The strains of amnesia haze take the THC level to 20 % which make the user dance with euphoria. It is a balanced mixture of THC with CBD. This royal highness strain has a dominant level of Sativa hybrid. It will give dense nugs of around 14 % THC and same CBD content by mixing branchy plants, compact, dancehall and respect. It is daytime medical marijuana with an energy boost.

The side effects of THC marijuana seeds:
The most common side effect of THC marijuana is paranoia and anxiety. The mild level of THC can also cause anxiety. However, if the small amount of THC is consumed then it might help in relieving tension and depression for a while. But constant and excess usage are very fatal. It is good to discuss the habit and usage level with your doctor and take his advice on this.