Sativa cannabis strain seeds


Sativa is the opposite of indica when it comes to marijuana seeds. If your a new patient you might not know indica gives you a sleepy buzz. These give you an upper more energetic buzz when smoked. When fully grown the buds are bright and dense usually. These weed seeds are a good strain for those that have the stuff to do during the day.

Sativa gives more of an upper high that people can enjoy. Sativa seeds are a popular buy among growers. One main reason for this is because sativa weed is more popular among smokers. Try sativa seeds today and get free seeds with your order.

Check over to the store to get a list of seeds. These pot seeds will have you jumping through hoops. Buy it here, if your looking for an energetic buzz these seeds should help! Get your seeds today shipped right to your door straight from Amsterdam. The following are strictly Sativa:

Sativa Description

Sativa marijuana is found in warm areas where the cropping season is long and successful. The countries are India, Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico. Sativa marijuana is grown in these countries at a large level and exported all over the world. You may identify the Sativa marijuana from the structure of its plant, the time to grow in a home garden and the type of high. The pure kind of sativa strain takes a remarkably long time to do flowering. But the wait is worth it for the best results. It gives soaring joy to its smoker.

Haze is a famous strain of sativa marijuana. It takes around 12 weeks to grow but the results are exceptional. They can be grown in both outdoor and indoor gardens. They are very popular for their quality of medicinal high that means it lift up the effects of a medicine. It has many important uses and people have been harvesting sativa for a long time. These seeds have high nutrient qualities but the usage must be restricted otherwise the user end up with severe addiction. The sativa marijuana seeds provide a cerebral high and euphoric feeling to the user. People who need to perform their duties actively may smoke this seed to increase their efficiency.

Following are the side effects of excessive sativa smoking:
1. Risk of developing cancer and lungs problem.
2. Increase the risk of heart diseases.
3. The long term use may affect the memory of smoker. The person may face difficulty with learning and thinking.
4. Decrease the sexual ability of some people. It lowers the sperm count in men and period irregularities among females.
5. The strong desire to take the sativa may lead to harmful addiction.
Keeping aside the medical uses of sativa, we need to acknowledge the adverse effects on health.