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Blue Dream

A Blue Dream seed is an incredible marijuana seed found at the Seed Depot. Blue dream is grown indoors and is considered to be a high THC strain according to our research at This seed is a Sativa dominant Hybrid strain and carries both feminized and auto-flowering.

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Blue Dream Effects

THC Potency10/10
Pain Relief10/10

    Blue Dream Specifications

  • Seed : Blue Dream
  • Harvest Yield : 419 / 499 grams
  • Size : Small
  • Flower Cycle : 55 - 65 days
  • Environment: Sunny
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Indoor and Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Hybrid
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Blue Dream Seeds Full Description

Being a cross between original Haze and Blueberry, Blue Dream seeds contain heavy-hitting strains, which is truly worth a shot! Blue Dream seeds from give off instant symptom relief with no sedation to follow. If you want to treat your nausea, depression, and insomnia, experience a high TCH level Blue Dreams Seeds from

What Are Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream seeds are the hybrid wonder responsible for taking over nations in strain popularity. Marijuana is discussed all around the world with blue dream never getting left out. A single seed can product huge yields of flower for every growers harvest.

Growing of Blue Dream Seeds

Grab a batch of these amazing feminized seeds which flower as they are deprived sunlight. An in depth guide will help you the most which is available with each supplier of seeds. Check out all of the guides that come with buying seeds which should cover all of your growing needs.

Climates For Blue Dream Seeds

Keep these plants far away from any parasite as the flavors will be an attraction to them. These seeds can be grown anywhere but thrive in an outdoor setting. Picking the right climate is always important based on the strain you attempting to plant.

Blue Dream Weed Seeds For Sale

There's always new strains coming out but none that put an end to the demand for Blue Dream weed seeds. These Blue Dream seeds for sale are always popular and continue to hold top spots in the eyes of the public.

Facts About Blue Dream Seeds

Anyone whos tried this strain knows it tastes great, feels great, and is loaded with high THC. If your goal is calm and relaxed then this straight is like no other. If you know what Blueberry and Haze strains are like, combine them together and you'll understand Blue Dream.

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Blue Dream Reviews

Queen 5
Every purchase I've ever made, has been well worth the money . It all starts with a good seed . Another let down when I get my seeds at I love to grow marijuana .. they've gotten a lot quicker shipping wise .
Sammie 5
Well our first batch was hijacked by the government the second try was a charm! All the seeds I have gotten for the past three seasons have given me phenomenal crops.
Frankie 5
Have not germinated yet, but if anything like the last order, I don't anticipate any problems. Very fast and discreet shipping!
Dennis 5
The Blue dream arrived in 11 days as usual, sprouted right away like everything else. I also got some blue cheese on the same order. The cheese is the only strain I have got from you that didnít sprout. I bought 20 seeds and have tried to sprout 6 with no success. I have been ordering from you for years and this is the first time Iíve had a problem. Wasnít going to say anything because I still have 14 seeds left but then found out they will replace my bad seeds.
Candy 5
This was the fastest I have received my purchase, actually caught me off guard on how fast I received them. The shipping method was different from previous purchases, not as incognito.
Bruce 5
I have had great success with your seeds but there is not always a 100% germination rate. But overall quality seeds always.
Joshua Patterson 5
These were delivered with excellent packaging and was exactly the same seed as in the pictures. I planted them and so far so good everything working great.
Ricky 5
Got these pot seeds about a month ago and can not be happier now. Will buy again!
Taylor 5
The strains were totally awesome. The buds were exactly what I was hoping for and expecting. I would definitely recommend this and would purchase this weed again, it was some of the best bud I have grown.
Luis 4
I like how high the thc from this weed. Many thanks to you guys for showing me the way.
Bobby 5
I love this strain so much this is my 3rd time ordering seeds to grow blue dream. Definitely worth every penny!

Blue Dream Videos

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