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Light Of Jah

How good is a seed that warrants the reference "Light of God?" Jah, in Rastafari, is synonymous with the Lord God of Israel whose light shines forever and guides those in want. The Sativa-dominant light of Jah seed erases negativity thus users find clarity despite distressing situations. Light of Jah is a potent alternative that will send your senses into overdrive and leave you feeling great. These seeds are probably one of the foremost celebrated marijuana strains in the world and have won several awards for its characteristics.

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Light Of Jah Feminized Seeds
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Light Of Jah Effects

THC Potency8/10
Pain Relief8/10

    Light Of Jah Specifications

  • Seed : Light Of Jah
  • Harvest Yield : 400 / 500 grams
  • Size : High plant
  • Flower Cycle : Long 65 - 75 days
  • Environment: Sunny
  • THC Amount: High
  • Genetics : Feminized
  • Cultivation : Outdoor
  • Medical Grade : Yes
  • Strain : Sativa
  • CBD Level : Moderate

Light Of Jah Seeds Full Description

Growing Light Of Jah Marijuana Seeds

The product of in-depth breeding and refinement, the light of Jah sales delivers massive yields of dense buds. This strain leads to huge yields. Plant light of Jah cannabis seeds indoors and you can harvest a fantastic 750gr per plant. That's somewhere within the range $8796.34 value harvest per plant! The smoke features a pleasant peppery smell with a fruity skunk-like taste. It enjoys primarily Sativa characteristics giving a cheerful, high, cerebral buzz.

It has a flowering period of ten to thirteen weeks, and though the cannabis seed is often full-grown outdoors, its not suitable for the united kingdom and Ireland climates. Makes a perfect indoor plant though One of the most admired things regarding this strain is that the tetrahydrocannabinol content it brings to the table, with a reasonably consistent level that ranges between 24% and 26%. Bold in appearance, nugs are typically dark green with amber hairs and sparkling trichomes.

Light Of Jah Taste And Smell

Light of Jah offers users experience through multiple senses, as the smell and taste are as distinctive as the high. It has a spicy and skunky smell that's rather herbaceous, and a flavor profile that's woody, peppery, and slightly like tropical fruit.

Smoking this strain is like boarding a rocket ship to euphoria, as you'll instantly be whisked away to a place of happiness and energetic creativeness. A great social strain, the light of Jah permits you to experience strong Sativa effects with a slight Indica sensation yet.

Experiencing Light Of Jah

If you're combating stress, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental issues, the light of Jah is incredible at clearing up your worries and symptoms while providing a great feeling high. Thanks to its high tetrahydrocannabinol content, it's also a winner for chronic pain, fatigue, or even inflammation caused by arthritis. Prepare for some munchies too, and if you struggle with your craving, savor the ability to eat to your heart's content.

Although it's somewhat tough to grow your light of Jah, it's by no means out of the realm of possibility. It's a plant that can do well inside or outdoors; however, it requires a fair bit of patience. Averaging a ten to thirteen-week flowering cycle, you'll be rewarded with an immensely high sales yield of pungent, spicy plants that would grow your financial gain revenue.

New users should smoke light of Jah with caution, as it could simply be quite overwhelming. Experienced users tend to favor this strain quite a bit once they want the ultimate mood boost or a way to take the sting off of the pain. Make sure to grab some and keep it in your stash for a rainy day!

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Light Of Jah Reviews

Jack 5
Light of jah pot seeds got me toasty. Best investments I ever made. Now all my medicine is free thanks to these seeds.