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Master Kush

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Master Kush seeds are the master of all kush and are for sale from seeds depot. This big in THC strain is also big in yield. Somewhere around the 550-gram range. You will find the smoke of this kush to be fresh an smooth. Master Kush is definitely a favorite among growers and smokers alike. These seeds are an indica type of seed that you can buy from us. The high is more of a body high making your senses stronger. Meaning food, music and other senses feel, sound, taste better. What more could you ask for in a strain like this?

Try master kush seeds today and many other seeds shipped right to your door. This indica strain comes from a skunk strain and a Hindu Kush cross breed bringing you into a zen state. All of our seeds come from seed banks so you know you're getting grade A marijuana seeds. The genetics you get from are some of the best you're going to find online. Just look at our reviews and take our customers word for it. These customers know their seeds and know exactly what they should be getting. Buy master kush seeds from the top supplier by choosing the prices button.

This strain has grown in popularity with celebrity stoners like snoop lion taking it and breeding it with blue dream. You will also be happy to know the yield of this strain is much more abundant than the average kush seeds. Many new growers happen to gravitate to master kush seeds just for those reasons. Another reason is the bright green colors you get when it's fully flowered. They are also extremely dense like rocks coated in THC sticky with potent resin deposits. Its no wonder this strain has won multiple cannabis cups.

Due to its ability to adjust to many climates this strain is known to be a very good indoor strain. It can also be outdoors because of this as well. The flowering time of these seeds is around 10 weeks. One of the faster flowering kush strains. The height of this one is about 4-6 feet. The yield is somewhere in the 500 to the 600-gram range. A great strain for first-time growers to see a nice yield would be to do an indoor grow. Now it's possible for you to bring home this strain and all its glory. These master kush seeds will take your breath away.

When it comes to the buzz of this seed it's dominants can put you in a sedated state far from pain. Another way this heavy pot seed can affect you is with a boost of creativity. Some musicians, artists even computer coders look to cannabis for a boost in creativity. The buzz of master kush seeds can also give an uplifting euphoric state of mind. Attached to that feeling is a body buzz that can leave beginner smokers in a couch locked state.

They are stunning in the way that they grow. You will be dazzled with the beauty of these flowers from the first sprout to the final bud. Some of these strains have amazing colors that really show in the last stages of budding. Right now a special deal is going on with this where you can get $10 off your order by using this code during checkout: 10fromtheseedsdepot

Potency: 8/10
Sleepiness: 8/10
Pain Relief: 8/10
Nausea: 2/10
Anxiety: 1/10
Appetite: 10/10
  • : Master Kush
  • : 500 / 600 grams
  • : Medium
  • Flower Cycle : 53 - 67 days
  • : Dry
  • : Feminized
  • : Indoor and Outdoor
  • : No
  • Strain: : Indica
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Master Kush Reviews

Jeremy M 4.7
Delivery was on time like always woohoo! Best site for weed seeds hands down!
Chad 5
I have been trying to get good deals but none have the quality like TSD. This place is great when you really want to get what you paid for and not be let down. They have A+ customer service here.
Gary 5
Got a sick deal on my master kush cannabis seeds. The cheap prices were more than I expected and I got 10 free.
Bill 5
I'm not sure why people aren't more interested in this weed seed. I haven't been growing long but when I do its with this so that i get big buds full of thc.
Taylor 5
Totally impressed with how fast the shipping was. When I grew these kush seeds I was very impressed. They were easy to grow and had a good yeild. But what made me like them most was the awesome high, will definitely be getting these again.
Will 5
People really be sleeping when it comes to this strain. Master kush has always been a legend in the marijuana world. Glad to finally have some for my own.
Adam 5
Seeds arrived in 14 days. Soaked for 12 hrs and into paper towels. 5 of them, 2 cracked open and are growing fine. The other 3 cracked open but never emerged from the root riot cubes. 2 out of 5 fem seeds isn't real bad. Also got 5 master kush weed seeds and all 5 popped and are doing great.
Joe 5
Just got my marijuana seeds was quick too! Less than 48 hours later very nice.
Dan 5
Always on time as usual. Germination was fast within 24 -36 hours ready for medium. Most of my master kush phenos were purple on my last purchase which is why i bought more. I also grew out others and it was top dank. The blue dream and blueberry were bery high yields you guys rock
Cindy 5
Been waiting for this seed to go on sale so had to grab it finally. My last order, blueberry and bubblegum, are still getting bigger so the master kush will have to wait until they are cleared out. I am 100% happy with all the seeds and have gotten lots of help from the forum crowd. Iíll be back to try some more pot seeds soon!
Gnar 5
I grabbed the buy 10 get 10 free deal and used the discount code. After wetting them I proceeded to germinate. Shipping time was fantastic and I have placed 3 orders over the years.
Donnie Tokes 5
It has all germinated as I hoped all 10. The crop is doing fantastic and I am a happy grower. 5 star customer service here!

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